When William and Sara Nolen’s wagon broke down over 200 years ago in the area that we now know as Nolensville, I am sure that Mr. Nolen placed much of the blame on all of the hills in the area. On October 27th, the 3rd Annual Rollin’ Nolen 10-Miler will take it’s runners over many of these same hills!

Your race will begin at Nolensville High School, with runners first making their way through historic downtown Nolensville. After these first several miles, runners will begin to make their way through the beautiful Nolensville countryside. Those who conquer the 7 major hills of the Rollin’ Nolen will be rewarded with a fun post-run party at the finish line.

Since the course will be open to vehicle traffic, runners will need to exercise caution. Water will be provided at 3 locations along the route. There will be a three hour time limit because, trust us, anything less would just be crazy.

Presented By

Nolensville Running Club (NRC) Beaman Toyota