The Rollin’ Nolen 10 Miler, presented by Beaman Toyota and the Nolensville Running Club, will give runners the chance to experience Nolensville’s history, its future, its beauty, and yes, its notorious hills.

The race will begin on Summerlyn Drive on the campus of the new Nolensville High School. The course will then take runners through historic Nolensville before turning onto Stonebrook Drive, where runners will climb the first of 7 significant climbs. Shortly after mile 3, runners will leave the Stonebrook subdivision and turn right on Kidd Road. The next 7 miles will test runners of all levels as the course takes you through some of the most scenic, yet hilliest, areas of Nolensville. Runners will end their 10 mile journey back at the Nolensville campus.

After receiving a finisher’s medal, runners will be treated to an assortment of post-race food provided by members of the Nolensville Running Club.

Since the course will be open to vehicle traffic, runners will need to exercise caution. Water will be provided at 3 locations along the route. There will be a three hour time limit because, trust us, anything less would just be crazy.